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Assimilation lighting is a costly investment that must offer optimal results.

It is therefore essential that all your fixtures function with maximum efficiency. Grow light reflectors play a vital role in this.

Do you notice a decreasing efficiency of your fixtures due to contamination of the reflector caps? Consider one of the following options:

  • wash and coat your grow light reflectors
  • anodize your grow light reflectors
  • replace your grow light reflectors

Agrolux offers maintenance for your current grow light reflectors, or we can replace your reflector caps. Which option is best for you depends on the state of your installation and reflectors.

Reflector cap maintenance

For an optimal result of your grow light reflectors, we recommend cleaning your reflector caps annually. Periodic cleaning ensures higher light output and is vital for maintaining your luminaires.

If the light output of your grow lights decreases and/or your reflector caps are dirty, it makes sense to wash and coat your reflectors or anodize them.

Washing and coating your grow light reflectors

To increase the light output of your grow lights, we can clean the reflectors for you using a mobile car wash from Gebr. Geers BV. We thoroughly wash each reflector cap and apply a coating afterward if necessary.

The cleaning, coating, and polishing of the grow light reflectors is all done by one machine: the semi-automatic carousel. This machine has been developed after extensive testing and in close cooperation with various lamp manufacturers. Its results are very effective.

Anodizing your grow light reflectors

If the efficiency of your current deep-drawn reflectors is declining too much, washing your grow light reflector cap will not suffice. We can then have your reflector caps anodized again.

If desired, we will take all the work off your hands and ensure that the reflector and the coupling piece are drilled loose. After the anodizing process in Germany, we test the reflector caps and reassemble them. You will be surprised by the result!

Replacing your grow light reflectors

Finally, you have the option to replace your current reflector caps with new grow light reflectors. If it is no longer cost-effective to clean or anodize your current reflector caps, or if your grow light reflectors are broken or damaged, it makes sense to replace the reflector caps.

Just like an extensive range of grow lamps, Agrolux offers a suitable reflector cap for almost all types of fixtures on the market. If we do not have a fitting reflector cap, we use couplers to make our Maxilux reflectors fit your fixtures.

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More information about our grow light reflector caps and services

Do you notice that the light output of your fixtures decreases due to contamination of your reflector caps? Are you unsure whether you should clean, anodize or replace your grow light reflectors? Contact us for tailored advice.

With our years of experience and broad knowledge of horticulture, we will assess your situation together with you. We will then give you honest, tailor-made advice and take the necessary steps to raise the efficiency of your grow lights back to the desired level as quickly as possible.

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