Villa Gerbera

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Family business Villa Gerbera installs the ALF 1000 and hangs in the course of time, even more fixtures at

Villa Gerbera initially has a light level of approximately 90umol/m2/s1 installed to their large flowered gerberas year round to grow and corresponding quality of their customers are used to. In the first instance they are hung up a test where a small part of the greenhouse is installed with ca. 135umol/m2/s1. This test is created on its own initiative to see what the added value of the product once more light hangs above the crop.

Not much later, this trial has clearly had its characteristic after which the small scale test is applied throughout the garden of 3.4 acres. The results of the trial were mainly that could be more gerberas are grown and were just slightly better quality than with the lower light levels.