Rose nursery Scheers

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One of the largest rose nursery in Belgium depends greenhouse filled with AL F1000

Rose nursery Scheers, based in Belgium, entered into cooperation with Agrolux to hang the full greenhouse with the ALF 1000 fixtures. Rose nursery Scheers is one of the biggest players in the Belgian market and has loyal customers. For these customers all year round to be able to provide high quality roses, they have chosen to provide the greenhouse exposure.

ALF 1000 ensures that the roses have enough light and a beautiful light distribution so that each rose year round get much light. Therefore, the quality is guaranteed pursuing Scheers and can deliver to their customers year round. Roses are generally more exposed than for instance vegetables, where it is very important that the lighting can be switched in multiple sizes. This results in the fact that the exposure under different weather conditions can be applied in full or in part.