Mastronardi chooses Agrolux ALF1000 for the second time!

In 2012, Agrolux realised a project for Mastronardi in which approx. 11,000 ALF1000 armatures were installed. These 11,000 units ensure that the largest market gardener in the world can realise year-round production to satisfy end users’ demands in this way.

In 2014, Mastronardi chose again to provide another location with Agrolux ALF1000 armatures. This time, Mastronardi installed approx. 14,000 ALF1000 armatures. These armatures do not just serve to deliver the tomatoes year-round and increase their production, but also features in the strawberry greenhouse by Mastronardi.

This makes Mastronardi one of the first in America to provide end users with year-round strawberry cultivation.

Agrolux is speechless, and can only thank Mastronardi for their trust in placing such a ‘mega’ order with Agrolux for the second time.