Lytoma BVBA

Tomatoes throughout the year, thanks to Lytoma lighting for greenhouses

It finally happened! In 2014, Belgian tomato growers started lighting their greenhouses on a large scale. Hereby they ensure delivering a winter production to their end-users.

It is already common in The Netherlands that tomato growers supply their greenhouses with lighting to obtain a higher production and to ensure that their product is available year-round. The same trend is now emerging in Belgium: e.g. Lytoma BVBA chose to install Son-T lighting of Agrolux.

Lytoma is hereby an example in the Belgian horticultural sector. The company chose ALF1000-luminaires of Agrolux with a light output of 180umol/m2/s1. We are delighted that Lytoma BVBA together with Agrolux, will set the trend in being one of the first Belgian growers to apply lighting to tomato greenhouses.