Agrolux presents new Prominent member as lighting project Lema Tomatoes

The men of Van Leerdam Marrewijk chose in 2014 to be part of their existing greenhouse to provide exposure to the ALF1000 Agrolux. After their fellow member from the Growers HGL Zwinkels in 2012, made the same choice, Lema has to realize a similar project know.

Lema is one of the producers in the organization who was not familiar with exposure above their tomato crops. They chose in 2014 to innovate some of their existing greenhouse with son't exposure. Lema remains as a separate greenhouse with an exposed and unexposed cultivation.

In the light part concerns the ALF1000 fixtures sure there is a light output of average 180umol/m2/s1. This ensures that the men of Lema can achieve higher production kilograms and year round produce their crop. Lema is a standard example of the lighting world with tomato growers opt for innovation to meet their greenhouse lighting. Notably through a greenhouse that is high enough, Agrolux have to make concessions in the number of luminaires which is chosen Deep reflectors.

There is already evidence that the deep reflectors of Agrolux provide more production compared to Optimal reflectors. By the way of thinking in order to install lighting where there is a beautiful light distribution, is there anywhere in the world chose to install fixtures with a deep reflector. This deep-reflector, while ensures that the light distribution is less equal than with other reflectors, but it has proved that there is a view more pounds are picked in this way. That's all that matters!

Agrolux thanked the men of Lema tomatoes for the confidence they have in Agrolux to enter into cooperation with each other.