Kaaij Tomatoes

Customised lighting for lower greenhouses

Agrolux had its first major led-project at Kaai Tomatoes! Kaaij supplied their “lower” greenhouse of 3.5 hectares of the most innovative lighting methods. Brothers Arjen and Theo van der Kaaij chose hybrid lighting with Son-T and led.

The greenhouse was slightly too low to be completely supplied with only Son-T and therefore Agrolux advised a hybrid solution which meant that the greenhouses didn’t have to be raised. A part of the lighting is now controlled with Son-T luminaires of 1000W fixed on the bar. Another part of the lighting consists of led: the in-between lighting which was moved and placed between the crops.

This smart solution resulted in less 1000w luminaires being needed to achieve the desired result of ca. 180umol/m2/s1 preferred by many colleague-gardeners. Thanks to the innovative choice of the brothers Kaaij, Agrolux successfully realised their first hybrid project.