Gardener's Pride

Perfect luminaires for a premium tomato greenhouse

In the beginning of 2014, grower Cock van Overbeek decided to build a new greenhouse next to his existing gardens. Van Overbeek had a greenhouse built of circa. 6 hectares under the Gardener’s Pride brand, specialised in the cultivation of tomatoes for Albert Heijn. Agrolux supplied the garden with energy-efficient lighting with a high yield.

What’s special about this greenhouse is that it’s equipped with 12 metres of bars with a trade measurement of 5 metres. Because the bars are a different size, Agrolux ensures a higher quality level of light than that which is standard for tomato greenhouses. In this garden we worked with ca. 210umol/m2/s1. The greenhouse was supplied with a double screen cloth. To assemble the luminaires, Agrolux developed specially adjusted brackets. Agrolux is proud of Gardener’s Pride: we are pleased that we could supply Cock van Overbeek’s company and his son Marco with perfect luminaires.