Citronex, one of the largest tomato and vegetable distributors in Eastern Europe chooses Agrolux.

In 2014 Citronex has built a greenhouse of 10 acres that is now equipped for six acres of son't exposure. Citronex is one of the largest distributors of vegetables Poland and throughout Eastern Europe. Citronex sees opportunities by greenhouse complexes dropping to grow as year round vegetables for the local and surrounding population.

For countries that are located in the east, Agrolux works meticulously to see how much light son't must be installed in order to get the maximum yield from the tomato crop. In the Netherlands this is an "old trick" but in such countries as Poland and others will look at the natural amount of light given the tomato plants.

It is of great importance in the darkest and coldest months, to give sufficient heat and light to the tomato plants. As a result, the tomato plants are the most optimum use and does not need to be pushed there with plant data and the number of illuminating hours (day).

These same technologies are taken from Dutch tomatoes companies that provide exposure. Likewise Citronex turn his exposure Checkerboard where necessary.

That Citronex choses Agrolux is great news. Citronex fits very well with Agrolux terms of vision. Both companies want namely grow and deliver the highest quality products to their customers.