Anco pure Vanda

anco 2 2011.jpg
Anco pure Vanda install the ALF 600 to pursue quality product

Anco pure Vanda (Anco Orchid), the ALF 600 installed in a part of the existing greenhouse. They have thus ensured that they get the most performance compared to a conventional installation. The ALF600 fixture Agrolux is electronically connected to and consume less power than existing plants. Besides lower consumption also the fixture ensures that power consumption remains the same throughout the life span.

Anco has chosen Agrolux because there is a mutual trust relationship arose by maintaining the old installation. ALF 600 is especially suitable for crops that do not require high light levels making you install fixtures enough to get a nice light distribution.

Anco is committed to quality and image of their products. This allows the companies Anco and Agrolux very fit together because they want to grow both through quality and image of their clients as accustomed.