AC Hartman

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Cucumber grower provides two greenhouses of the ALF 750 luminaires Agrolux

The vegetable grower AC Hartman has two existing greenhouses installed with the ALF 750 fixtures. The ALF 750 is not the most common fixture in the market. The 750watt is designed as an intermediate stage in the evolution of the 600watt and 1000watt. Agrolux here has responded smart to develop a luminaire to meet the needs of a higher light level.

ALF 750 gives more light than the ALF 600 and consumes less power in relationship to the amount of light that give the luminaires. AC Hartman ALF 750 mainly chosen because of the heat released it. In electronic fixtures can be counted there about one-third and two-thirds light heat. The height of the greenhouse was a main reason for choosing the ALF 750 relative to the ALF 1000 . This ALF 750 installed at AC Hartman, is a single-ended version. In 2015 Agrolux also have one ALF 750 in a double ended version. This is the same type of bulb like 1000watt, but here comes even more light in free!