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In September 2019 the installation with Agrolux fixtures was successfully completed at J. Boon lily nursery, better known as Nico Boon. Nico had already installed other fixtures, but these were in need of replacement after some time. Nico Boon chose to look for other fixtures and eventually joined forces with Agrolux. Not only are we proud of the new relationship we are building with a new customer, but we are especially proud of the result. The result is that we have been able to hang 986 excellent Agrolux fixtures to the complete satisfaction of the customer!

"Yes, I am satisfied! So much light when I walk from one department to another. Very happy with my choice for your fixtures. Thanks for the good service" - Nico Boon

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With a satisfied customer like Nico Boon, we can confidently move on to the next projects!



In 2012, Agrolux realised a project for Mastronardi in which approx. 11,000 ALF1000 armatures were installed. These 11,000 units ensure that the largest market gardener in the world can realise year-round production to satisfy end users’ demands in this way.

In 2014, Mastronardi chose again to provide another location with Agrolux ALF1000 armatures. This time, Mastronardi installed approx. 14,000 ALF1000 armatures. These armatures do not just serve to deliver the tomatoes year-round and increase their production, but also features in the strawberry greenhouse by Mastronardi.

This makes Mastronardi one of the first in America to provide end users with year-round strawberry cultivation.

Agrolux is speechless, and can only thank Mastronardi for their trust in placing such a ‘mega’ order with Agrolux for the second time.

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