Agrolux WEGA Eco

Dutch contemporary design
Most compact fixture with the highest output
Superior light distribution with high efficacy
Agrolux WEGA
620 | 200-400 | EU MD125
Spectrum R95B5 R90G3B7
Optics MD125 MD125
Input voltage 200-400V 200-400V
Output +/- 5% 2200 μmol/s 2150 μmol/s
PF Efficiency +/- 3% 3,5 μmol/J 3,4 μmol/J
Input Power at 100% +/- 5% 620W 620W

Features & Benefits

Highest quality

With the WEGA family, Agrolux offers high-quality, energy-efficient LED fixtures for optimal efficiency in greenhouse farming. A high light output, optimum light distribution through a patented lens and a constant light yield. By testing in its own Research & Development department and largely in-house production, constant quality is guaranteed.

Contemporary Dutch Design

The innovative power of the Netherlands, Dutch Design, is carried through in the innovative and contemporary design of the WEGA luminaires. The lighting of high power with maximum uniformity of light is designed by our professional engineers, with passion and knowledge.

LED grow lights

The WEGA lighting consists of high-quality and energy-efficient LED fixtures; a powerful alternative to its predecessor: HPS lighting. This reliable and safe product with high output is extremely suitable to replace HPS (High Pressure Sodium) fixtures seamlessly. 1 on 1 replacement is possible.

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