New reflectors: Agrolux has for virtually all types of luminaires in the market are a suitable reflector

Agrolux has a suitable reflector for almost every type of luminaire on the market. By using a joining piece we can make the Maxilux-reflectors fitting for all your luminaires.

Anodising reflectors

Is the yield of your current thermoformed reflector not optimal anymore? And does it have no use to wash the reflector? Then we can anodise your reflector again. If you wish, we can take care of all the work and ensure that the reflector and the joining piece gets drilled loose. After the anodising process in Germany, the reflector will be tested again and assembled. Let the quality surprise you!

Washing and coating reflectors

Do you want a better yield for your reflectors? Then we can clean them professionally. Each reflector will receive the care it needs. If needed, we will apply a coating after cleaning. Cleaning, coating and polishing of the coating, all gets done with one appliance: the semi-automatic carrousel. This was designed after extensive tests, closely working together with various bulb manufacturers. The results are very effective.