Hybrid solutions with led-lighting

Led-lighting is currently growing rapidly and Agrolux’s department of development involves themselves in all the current led developments.

Agrolux currently offers led-tubes in every desired colour-combination. All led-tubes conform to the IP65-norm and are therefore very suitable in extremely humid (germination) spaces. The tubes are delivered (as a standard) in lengths of 1.20 metre and has a 2 metre connecting cable. The interlight-modules are delivered in lengths of 2.50 metres. There are two possible voltage connections: 230V and 400v.

Working together with Philips

We deliver the complete led-product range of Philips. Agrolux and Philips have an exclusive partnership in led-lighting. Both parties share their knowledge and experience with each other to ensure the most efficient solution for all crops in horticulture.

LED and Son-T: the ideal mix

Agrolux are happy to provide you with smart lighting solutions. For example, a combination of led and Son-T. Hereby optimising your crop and cultivation. In many cases the greenhouse will not be lit optimally with only the use of Son-T. This is especially the case in the darkest weeks of the year and results in the crops not reaching their highest efficiency. Besides that, Son-T lighting gives off a lot of warmth, which many crops can’t tolerate. Led ensures that the plants receive more light without the added heat. This ensures that the crops can grow optimally during all periods.

Which lighting suits your situation the best?

Every situation, greenhouse and type requires a unique recipe to ensure optimum use of light and warmth. If that recipe is found, there’s no need to shift with plant information or the number of light hours per day. We like to think along with you about the optimal solution for your company.

Contact us

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