ALF 600 / ALF 750

ALF600: 600 watt, high yield

The ALF600 is the most complete 600 watt-luminaire with most yield. The ALF600 has been tested by Philips, Philip’s electronic ballast and light source has been approved for use in the ALF600. The luminaire was tested on effectivity, yield, thermal management and bulb voltage. The ALF600 was approved on all requirements!

ALF 750: Efficient light source of 750 watt

The design of the ALF750 is now even more efficient: we now use a double-ended bulb where previously a single-ended bulb was used. This means that even more light is generated with the same energy usage. The ALF750 is a handy variation between the economical ALF600 and the powerful ALF1000. The ALF750 can be used to achieve a high output of light with the least addition of heat to the greenhouse. An ideal luminaire for use in low greenhouses.


The ALF600 and ALF750-luminaires’ housing is made of powder coated white aluminium and extremely compact in design. By using energy efficient electronics and cooling fins’ on the housing, it stays remarkably cool.


The ALF600 and ALF750-luminaires are equipped with an American electronic pre-switched ballast or one of Philips. The electronic ballast used is supplied (as a standard) with a voltage protector and features a low inrush current. Even in the case of fluctuating voltage, the electronics ensures a constant output.

Low inrush current

The inrush current is the peak load that occurs when starting up an installation. By using a low inrush current it is possible to use cheaper switch materials.


The bulbs used are either General Electric (GE) or Philips.


The closed midi reflector system is made of a specially treated aluminium alloy type, MIRO 9. The light reflection of the material is extremely high: 95%. By using the hammer blow pattern, the reflector system is perfectly even, radiating deeply into the crop. The reflectors can be dissembled very easily and can be easily cleaned.

Installation of the luminaires

Installation of the luminaires are simple. All our luminaires are provided with Wieland-plug systems. This dust- and waterproof plug-and-play system, ensures faster and safer installation. For installing luminaires to a C-profile or trellis, 3D-wirebrackets are used. The wire brackets are very easy to install and ensures that your luminaires hangs perfectly straight, ensuring equal spread light!