ALF 315

Long lifespan and a colour temperature of your choice

The ALF 315 offers a special combination of efficient use, long lifespan and a colour temperature of your choice. Thanks to the clear, ‘white’ light, the ALF 315 is the best luminaire for use in research centres, climate cells and cultivation areas.

Light temperature of your choice

Do you need luminaires with ‘white light’? Up to now you had to rely on luminaires with a traditional Metal Halide light source. That is why Agrolux developed the ALF 315, suitable for Metal Halide light sources. There are two types of light sources with each an own colour temperature: 4200K or 3100K. This allows you to choose the colour spectrum which suits with your ideal illumination recipe.

Easy to install

The ALF315 luminaire makes use of the conventional input of 230V. This allows it to be installed easily in smaller spaces, where smaller quantities are needed. You will save because complex installations are not necessary, while you still have maximum benefit from the lighting.

Long lifespan

This luminaire was made in the same chassis as the successful ALF 1000. That makes the ALF 315 just as user friendly and efficient. The ALF 315 is easy to put in use and has a long lifespan through the perfect combination of lamp voltage and thermal management.

Greatly improved technique

The technique of the ALF 315 is greatly improved compared to luminaires with a traditional Metal Halide light source. To protect a Metal Halide light source, a glass plate and fans were required. Now no longer: the ALF 315 uses a Philips light source which is protected with double glazing. The result is a simpler and safer construction.

Specifications of the ALF 315

  • Simple maintenance: washing the reflector is easy
  • Compactness: not a lot of shade in the glasswork
  • Simple to install, with several type of clamps
  • Lowest temperature of the control gear in the market (long lifespan)
  • High ɥmol/m2/s output: 550 ɥmol per luminaire
  • Colour selection: 4200K or 3100K
  • Low power consumption
  • Voltage protection
  • 315W/230V
  • IP23 aluminium casing
  • 50/60 Hz