AiF 250


The AiF 250 of Agrolux is the only luminaire in the world that can be used as interlighting in a 400V variant (instead of 230V). We specially developed this variant to use in combination with the Son-T luminaires of Agrolux. Since both are connected to 400V, they can easily be used in the same installation.

Optimum light output without reflector

Another advantage of the AiF 250: there is no reflector required for this luminaire. The luminaire is hanging free between the crops, aided by a C profile. This yields an optimal light output; the light can be spread 360 degrees around the luminaire. In addition, you will never have to wash the reflector. This luminaire is extremely suitable for vegetable crops with a high density of plantation.

Ideal interlighting in the glasshouse

Agrolux has already successfully applied the AiF 250 in various projects, including cucumber greenhouses. Growers choose to install a part of the light above the crops and a smaller part between the crops. For that interlighting the AiF 250 is ideally suited. By placing these luminaires between the crops the lighting on the plants can be lighted ‘more subdued’.

Efficiency is paramount

You will not need special lamps for the AiF 250: although this luminaire has an input of 400V, the light source is a 230 lamp of General Electric. The installation is also focused on efficiency: the luminaire can easily be mounted with clamps. And when it comes to efficiency, the high light output is of course also important. Because the luminaires do not use much current, they provide much light for the invested power consumption.

Specifications of the AiF 250

  • 250W/400V
  • Power consumption 285 watt (+/- 3%)
  • Power factor >0,98
  • No reflector
  • Agrolux EVSA
  • Light source General Electric LU/psl/250w-230v
  • 50/60 Hz
  • High ɥmol/m2/s output: 28.000 Lux - 367 ɥmol per luminaire
  • Simple to install, with clamps