Agrolux 1000

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Out now in North America: the new Agrolux HPS fixture 1000W 277/347V NA
  • The most compact HPS fixture on the market;
  • Fully FCC / ICES and UL / CSA compliant;
  • Three different reflector types (deep, wide, and optimal);
  • Additional accessories available on request;


Specifications of the Agrolux 1000W

VersionAgrolux 1000W 277/347V NAAgrolux 1000W 347/400V NA PL
Product weight 8.6 lbs (3.9kg)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 22.8x11.2x7.7 in (58.0x28.5x18.5cm)
Temperature case < 158°F (70°C)
Temperature ambient 32-86°F (0-30°C)
Input voltage -8% / +6% 277-347 VAC-10%/+5% 347-400 VAC ±10%
Input current at typical 3.9/3.1 Amps 3.1/2.7 Amps
Input power at typical 1094 Watt 1050 Watt
Power factor > 0.99 > 0.98
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Certification CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-18 CSA LTR No. B-006-2018 UL 1598 Ed.4 UL Subject 8800, FCC Part 18
Insulation Class 1 - requires an earth connection
Power inlet Wieland RST20i3 connector
Inrush current ≤ 30 Amps, 1.8 ms ≤ 30 Amps, 1.6 ms
Earth leakage current ≤ 0.75 mA


Compatible products and accessories

 Product namePart number
Replacement reflector Agrolux Reflector OO96 S7013201
Agrolux Reflector AD135 S9022140
Agrolux Reflector AW150 S7013200
Compatible lamps Philips Master GreenPower 750 W EL* LP8022618
Philips Master GreenPower Xtra 1000 W EL** LP8011816
Pila HPS 1000W 400V EL DE *** LP8071416
Compatible power cords Agrolux RST Mains cable DCA 0.6m CB6884031
Agrolux RST Mains cable DCA 0.8m CB9326432
Agrolux RST Mains cable DCA 0.9m CB9326434

* for Agrolux 750W.
** for Agrolux 1000W.
*** for Agrolux 1000W PL.


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