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  • The most compact HPS fixture on the market;
  • Fully FCC / ICES and UL / CSA compliant;
  • Three different reflector types (deep, wide, and optimal);
  • Additional accessories available on request;


Specifications of the Agrolux 1000W

Product weight
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So much light from just one luminaire! This luminaire of Agrolux is used most frequently. Philips extensively tested the ALF1000 on efficiency, yield, thermal regulation, bulb voltage etc. These tests are needed for approval to use a Philips-ballast and Philips-light source in the luminaires. The ALF1000 passed the test with flying colours and has…



Proper maintenance is essential for the yield of your lighting installations. For this reason, Agrolux Nederland developed the concept “First Aid Lighting Maintenance”. The representatives of our “Fi…


Is your current installation defective? Agrolux offers handy reparation kits. A reparation kits consists of one new circuit board (brand Agrolux or Philips) with a low inrush peak and a new bulb. Bec…


A supplementary lighting installation is an expensive investment, which has to offer an optimal result. It is, therefore, of major importance that all the armatures can function with maximum efficien…


Agrolux has extensive experience in various sectors of the horticultural branche. We have existed since 2002 and have grown into a big and important player in the market. Throughout the years we have…