Signify announcement on Megaphoton

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Signify announcement on Megaphoton

Agrolux received the following letter from Signify regarding false statements made by Megaphoton on January 6, 2020. You can click on the image on the left to see the original letter. 



It came to our attention that Megaphoton is making false statements to the public about the products of Signify N.V. and its subsidiaries (“Signify”) in that - 

  1. a. the Megaphoton’s products contains (and that it is licensed for that) Philips Lamp burners purchased from us; and 
  2. b. a Philips 1000w warranty is directly given by Signify to Megaphoton’s customers (“False Statements”). These False Statements are incorrect. 


Therefore, we want to make very clear that - 

  1. a. Signify does not offer or sell any HPS burners towards Megaphoton 


(nor any other burners from HID technology) 

  1. b. Signify does not offer or sell any HPS (nor other HID) lamps towards Megaphoton, more over all our products & components for Greenpower lamps are strictly & exclusively used within Greenpower lamps only and not offered to other parties. 
  2. c. Signify supply systems of Philips Greenvision electronics and Philips Greenpower lamps to certified OEM’s only. These luminaires are verified on a correct application of the system (both driver & lamps) and as such give reason for making usage of extended system warranty rights on these products. 


Yours sincerely 

Dirk Smeyers 

Director of Global Product Marketing Management General HID Professional - 

Business Group Lamps