Nature Fresh Farms collaborates with Agrolux

Agrolux to supply installation of 220umol/m2/s1

US(OH): Flexible mounting system for supplemental lighting at NatureFresh

Recently, NatureFresh Farms President Peter Quiring and Farm General Manager John Ketler had a long conversation with Agrolux about their development plans for their Ohio project. NatureFresh™ Farms started with the construction on a 175-acre greenhouse facility in Delta, Ohio in April.

The greenhouse project will be completed in several phases over the next seven years, with a total investment approaching $200M by the year 2022.

To become one of the largest producers of vegetables in the world, NatureFresh™ needed to develop a year-round growing program, in order to grow and supply greenhouse grown vegetables to their retail network. In order to grow year-round, special lighting systems would be needed in the winter months to help the plants grow. NatureFresh™ reached out to several lighting specialists around the world to help develop their program and through this process, established a relationship with Netherlands based Agrolux Lighting. In several visits to Canada and development meetings at Agrolux headquarters in the Netherlands, Agrolux & NatureFresh™  signed an agreement that would have Agrolux  become the lighting specialist and supplier for the new project in Delta, Ohio.

From their initial discussions, Agrolux could tell that NatureFresh™ Farms was a vertically integrated partner, that is not only innovative, but wanted to forge ahead using new technologies to grow vegetables under lights. NatureFresh™decided to mount the lights from a u-track, instead of the traditional way on the energy truss, thus allowing them the flexibility in positioning the fixtures to obtain better distribution of light throughout the greenhouse.

This was a first time for Agrolux to do a project on such a large scale that includes u-tracks in tomatoes. NatureFresh™ Farms will have an average light level of 220umol/m2/s1 to produce the best quality tomatoes year round. This is very exciting project for both partners to work together on.

Agrolux is extremely happy with the collaboration with NFF. Both companies show similar aspects of growth and vision for the future. To be the best in the world is not the better way of doing things, but the different way.