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Grow lamps

Agrolux is the distributor of assimilation lighting for the professional greenhouse industry. We use high-quality grow lights as part of our fixtures. We supply our grow lamps, also called assimilation lights, worldwide to renew and optimize existing installations.

Always the right grow lamp for your greenhouse

The number of types of grow lamps for greenhouse farming is enormous. For example, you have incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), full-spectrum grow lamps, HPS lamps, and LED grow lamps. Which type of grow lamp you need depends on your crop and circumstances. We supply all types of grow lamps from all leading brands, and our lights are suitable for all fixtures in the market.

Because we supply multiple brands of grow lights, we can give you customized advice fully tailored to your installation and needs. Our goal is to provide you with expert advice while always striving for an optimal price-quality ratio, ensuring the maximum return from your grow lamps at the best price.

Grow lamps from all leading brands

Agrolux supplies a wide range of grow lamps, including LED grow lamps, from leading brands in the market. All grow light lamps we sell have been tested extensively and fully meet the strict standards for worldwide use, so you can be sure that our grow lamps are reliable and of the highest quality. We offer grow lamps by the following A-brands:

  • Philips
  • General Electric (GE)
  • AUVL

Standard Philips grow lamps with our fixtures

Our fixtures are equipped with grow lamps and ballasts by the Philips brand. All luminaires are tested extensively and approved by Philips. We also offer the complete range of led grow lamps from the Philips GreenPower LED series.

More information about our grow lamps

Every greenhouse and every lighting application is unique and requires specific grow lamps. Therefore we do not offer standard solutions but are happy to help you with honest, tailor-made advice.

As a wholesaler of grow lights with years of experience and broad knowledge of horticulture, we offer you the most efficient assimilation lights for your greenhouse. Because our grow lights are usually available from stock, we can realize your wishes on short notice.

So contact us quickly if you want to know more about our grow lamps or one of our other innovative products or services!

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