Hybrid solution

Agrolux is your partner for LED and Hybrid lighting!

The complete product range from Philips is available at Agrolux. Agrolux and Philips are an exclusive partnership entered into the field of LED. This means that both parties share their knowledge and experience with each other to come up with the most efficient solution for all crops in greenhouses.

Optimizing your crop / cultivation can be achieved by means of son't and / or LED. The current exposed greenhouses are in many cases not fully utilized with only the use of son't. The darkest weeks are not sufficiently highlighted where the crops do not reach their most efficient.

Agrolux and Philips have seen that many crops have a certain limitation of exposure in combination with the heat receiving plants. Son't exposure gives a lot of heat in proportion to the amount of light that comes off. LED makes plants more light can get without the added heat. As a result, crops can grow optimally, both in the dark period and in the sunny period to turn washed to work.

Every situation, every greenhouse, each type of crop requires a unique recipe to get the best use of light and heat. This business owners do not have to slide into planting date and / or the number of hours per day illuminate.